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Our mission is to Educate, Develop, and Empower the next generation of leaders for liberty. Students For Liberty embraces the broad principles that define liberty:


Students For Liberty has trained over 2,652 college students who defend free speech, free markets and capitalism, the Second Amendment, and much more.

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Support Students For Liberty while you shop! Use our Amazon affiliate link the next time you buy something online.

Students For Liberty can receive gifts of appreciated assets such as stocks and bonds.

Students For Liberty accepts donations in the cryptocurrency. While Bitcoin can be sent directly through this link, we can also accept Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC).

Etherum (ETH) Address: 0x0a7e8EdFfC431D3D3D1185eF35A8F0EEFeD72A57

Litecoin (LTC) Address: LUzGYzCTX9dxVHrh1e4PAZGs1p5TypY1Zy

Please email Nicole Sanders, [email protected] if you have further questions.

Alumni For Liberty is a monthly donor program that allows individuals to stay involved with their alta maters, make a difference in their communities, and connect with other alumni.

All supporters above $5,000 are entered into the Salomon-Morris Society, giving them full access to our key events and special merchandise.

Many employers match charitable contributions or volunteer hours made by their employees.

Leave a gift to Students For Liberty in your will.

All supporters above $10,000 are entered into the President's Club, giving them full access to our key events, monthly updates from our CEO Wolf von Laer, and more.